Digital Production

Sunset+Vine specialises in digital content that engages global audiences.

Engaging Content

The digital landscape is changing fast and is a continuously moving and evolving target. With the entry of Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter and the emerging platforms into the international live sports rights markets, new strategies are needed to leverage new opportunities and capitalize on the disruptive potential of these new players in the market.

At Sunset+Vine we have a team that is fully across all these changes. They are able to create integrated and dynamic digital strategies that work in harmony with an overall distribution strategy to help licensors and other stakeholders reach and convert new fans to their sport or brand.

Services include live event streaming; clipping and publishing of digital highlights and ‘action moments’ from the world feed to multiple simultaneous social platforms as well as original feature content for digital, social and linear television.

Sunset+Vine Digital



Lillehammer 2016; Buenos Aires 2018; Lausanne 2020.
Weekly social & digital content since 2015.
Digital production partner since 2014.
Live Regatta streaming and digital production since 2015.
Social Production & Digital highlights since 2016.
Live event streaming, digital strategy & production since 2009.
Live streaming, social clipping & onsite digital production.
Digital production partner from 2016-2019.


“I think the Sunset+Vine team have been incredible. Game well and truly changed”